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Article 1: Name of the Society

A society named the "Society of Urological Surgery" has been established. The headquarter is in İstanbul.




Article 2:

The Society of Urological Surgery is a non-profit national, professional and scientific society of specialists in urology.  


The aim of the Society is to contribute to the development of national policies through training, research and development of clinical service standards and strategies with specific focus on the objective of providing the most effective prevention and treatment in urological diseases. The Society carries out scientific activities, opens branches in different regions of the country and conducts activities to improve professional, scientific and social relationships among the members.

It takes necessary initiatives to safeguard and improve the rights of members and oversees the application of the highest professional, scientific and ethical standards in all of its activities.

Article 3:

Fields of Study and Methods of the Association:

A. General:

1. Obtain any information, documents and publications necessary for the achievement of the objective, to establish a documentation center and publish newspapers, journals, books etc. to disseminate its activities and studies and bulletins for circulation among members in accordance with its aim,

 2. Create an enabling working environment and provide the necessary equipment, materials, inventory stock and stationery in order to attain its aim,

3. Collect aid and receive domestic and overseas donations after obtaining necessary permissions,

4. Set up and operate economic, commercial and industrial enterprises in order to generate revenue needed to attain the objectives of the Status,

5. Open and refurbish clubs and social and cultural facilities for the benefit of members,

6. Organize dinner parties, concerts, balls, theater plays, sports events, exhibitions, tours and other entertainment events for the members or provide them with access to such events in order to maintain and improve social relationships among the members,

7. Purchase, sell, lease, rent and establish real rights on movable and immovable assets required for the activities of the Society,


8. Establish foundations, establish or join a federation and set up facilities  which are allowed to be created by such societies after obtaining necessary permissions in order to attain the aim of the Society,

9. Conduct international activities, join international organizations and carry out joint projects and mutual assistance activities with such organizations,

10. Receive and offer financial assistance from and to associations with similar objectives, employers' and employees' unions and professional organizations in order to attain its aim,

11. Implement joint projects with relevant public institutions and agencies as necessary in order to attain the aim of the Society without prejudice to the provisions of the Law on the Relationship between Associations and Foundations and Public Institutions and Agencies numbered 5072,

12. Set up a fund to meet basic needs, needs for other goods and services and short-term loan needs of members,

13. Create platforms with other associations, foundations, unions and similar civil society organizations in areas related to the aim of the Society that are legally allowable in order to achieve a common goal