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Conditions for Application to Scholarship Provided by Society of Urological Surgery and Evaluation Criteria


Scholarship Provided by the Society of Urological Surgery

Distinguished Members and Dear Colleagues,

Our society has decided that our members will be provided with scholarship support for a maximum period of 6 months within the limits of a certain quota in order for young promising urologists to improve their practical skills and to widen their perspective in relation to urology. The young urologists who are awarded with this scholarship are expected to transfer the knowledge and skills that they acquire thanks to this scholarship to the medical clinics employing them and share this knowledge with their colleagues. In order to be awarded with this scholarship, the candidates are required to compile the following documents and submit them to the secretariat of our society on March 1 or September 1 at the latest.

Conditions for Application:

1. To be a member of Society of Urological Surgery,

2. To be younger than 40,

3. To be currently employed by a medical training clinic,

4. CV,

5. At least two reference letters must be annexed to the application.

6.  A letter of acceptance from the institution that will employ the candidate,

7. A letter indicating that the institute currently employing the candidate has no objection to the candidate’s leaving his/her position in the clinic to be engaged in the project.

8.  Information regarding whether or not the candidate has been/will be provided with financial aid by any organization in Turkey within the period of project implementation

9. The candidate is required to provide a report about his/her employment status within 2 months after his/her arrival to Turkey at the latest.

10. The scholarship given by the Society can be applied for only once by each candidate. 

Evaluation Criteria for the Application

1. Each application made by the candidates is evaluated by a commission composed of at least three members established by the Board of Directors of the Society of Urological Surgery and the evaluation decisions are submitted to the approval of Board of Directors.

2. The candidates are awarded with a financial aid of 500 Euros per months for a period of six months at most on the basis of a quota system. The duration and amount may change according to the decisions of Board of Directors.

3. Applications are received twice a year till March 1 and September 1.

4. Final decision regarding the applications is communicated to candidates within 1 month.



Board of Directors on behalf of Society of Urological Surgery