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Activity Report




Distinguished President of the General Assembly, Esteemed Members,


I would like to thank all of you for participating in our Third Ordinary General Assembly and your contribution to our society up to now on behalf of me and the members of the Board and express our gratitude and respect to you.


First of all, I would like to briefly present the activities of our society for the period between 2013 and 2015.





At our Ordinary General Assembly meeting held on 18.06.2013, Serdar Tekgül, Bülent Alıcı , Adil Esen, Atilla Arıdoğan, Ceyhun Özyurt, Sinan Sözen, Cem Akbal, Kamil Çam, Rasin Özyavuz, Feridun Şengör and H. Serkan Doğan were elected for the Board of Directors.


President : Bülent Alıcı

Vice-President : Serdar Tekgül

Secretary General: Cem Akbal

Treasurer : Adil Esen


Ceyhun Özyurt

Feridun Şengör

Atilla Arıdoğan

Rasin Özyavuz

Sinan Sözen

Kamil Çam

Serkan Doğan

The activities which have been performed following the last general assembly are as follows:





124 regional meetings were held within the period  between 2013 and 2015. Within this process, while Central Anatolia Branch - Ankara Society of Urologists organized 15 meetings, 8 Ankara Resident Training Meetings were organized, Central Black Sea Branch organized 12, Western Black Sea Branch organized 3, Southern Marmara Branch organized 10, Northern Marmara Branch organized 16, Aegean Branch organized 16, Western Mediterranean Branch organized 6, Eastern Mediterranean Branch organized 12, Eastern Black Sea Branch organized 12, Southeastern Anatolia Branch organized 10 meetings, Eastern Anatolia - Southeastern Anatolia Branches organized 2 joint meetings.


These meetings were jointly organized with Ankara Society of Urologists in Central Anatolia Branch and with Aegean Society of Urologists in Aegean Branch.


Provincial Meetings

Through the joint project of provincial meetings by Aegean Branch - Aegean Society of Urologists, a total of 5 meetings were organized in provinces in 2013 while a total of 9 meetings were organized in 2014. At our meetings organized in Aydın, Manisa, Uşak, Denizli, Çanakkale, Balıkesir and Kütahya provinces, our aim is to reach out to urologists in the entire country.


Resident Training Meetings by Central Anatolia Branch - Ankara Society of Urologists:


Resident Training Programs which were previously initiated by Ankara Society of Urologists and have been going on with the activation of the Society of Urological Surgery today are over 15 years. In this period, a total of 8 meetings were organized.

Resident training meetings which were organized on Saturday attract a great deal of interest of especially our young colleagues. These meetings during which all urology subjects are reviewed are followed with an increasing interest. In average 70 people participate in these meetings and no fee has been requested from any of the participants. Our colleagues who are specialized in their subjects not only from Central Anatolia Region, but also from other regions are invited to the meetings and an attempt has been made to strengthen our unity and              solidarity.

Online Resident Training Meeting

"Online Resident Training Meeting" which is one of the largest projects of the year 2013-2014 was organized through the selection of Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir provinces as central ones and the online follow-up by the remaining 10 branches. A total of 1200 residents were accessed online at our 7 meetings.

Information on the program is presented as follows:


30 November 2013   General Urology, Transplantation, Trauma




The second congress of our Society was organized at Kaya Palazzo Hotel in Antalya between 5-9 November 2014. A highly gorgeous congress was successfully completed with the participation of more than 1000 people. In addition to 13 foreign speakers each of whom is worldly renowned in their fields, the most esteemed academicians of our country contributed to our congress. 440 oral presentations and 73 videos were presented. Moreover, 23 conferences, 6 panels, 12 (6 practical, 6 theoretical) courses and 5 satellite symposia were organized.  Through an activity also performed at our first congress, 10 out of 18 young colleages were given the opportunity of making presentation on a certain subject at the congress and one of our colleagues was awarded with the prize "the Best Presentation by a Young Academician".  A total of 168 people who would make a presentation at the Congress including 90 residents, 53 specialists, 15 nurses, 10 Young Academicians whose presentations were accepted were provided with registration + accommodation support by our society.  




The Society of Urological Surgery identified professional training as one of the priorities in terms of its fields of study and put into practice its project "Urologists of the Future are Growing up" between 28-31 May 2015 so as to support the professional development of our colleagues who were still receiving their residency training or completed this training a short while ago. At our meeting that we organized at Istanbul Radisson Blu Hotel Tuzla between 28-31 May 2015, there were 5 training modules and 1 Hands on Training (HOT) module. Each module lasted for 210 minutes in total.  120 residents and young specialists, 48 national and 3 foreign speakers participated in this program which we consider as very important in terms of urology training in our country and it was successfully completed. As understood from feedbacks, this training program with a high budget is expected to be repeated in upcoming years.

Headings of the modules and the scientific program are presented to you below.

Module 1: BPH and Prostate Cancer

Module 2: Bladder and kidney tumor

Module 3: Pediatric urology

Module 4: Andrology and Female urology

Module 5: Stone disease and Testicular tumors

Module 6: Hands on Training



2-day Individualized On-the-Spot Training Program (BIYPEP) which was initiated by Izmir Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Medicine was organized 3 times in 2014 an 3 times in 2015.  In the upcoming years, it is planned that this training be organized in our provinces such as Ankara and Izmir. This program was aimed to provide intensive practical training for specialists in a short period of time on any of the surgical techniques commonly used in urology.



Our society decided to provide scholarship support for a maximum period of 6 months for our members within the limits of a certain quota in order for young promising urologists to develop their practical skills and to widen their perspective in relation to urology.  2 people who fulfilled the conditions of application were provided with 500 euro for 6 months and 3 people with 500 euro from the society in previous periods. 




Support for participation in SEEM meeting was provided for 24 people in 2013 and 26 people in 2014 in the form of registration + accommodation and 500 TL for travel expenses.

Registration + accommodation support was provided for 20 residents in relation to the National Congress of the Turkish Society of Pediatric Urology organized in 2013.




Brand new videos were added to Uro-tube through which our colleagues who are competent in their fields share their surgical experience with us. This surgical web page which has been put into service under the coordination of Cem Akbal is really a product of hard work. On this page, open operations as well as endourologic and laparoscopic operations are presented with videos accompanied by the narration of a colleague who is specialized in his/her field together with their principles in a step-by-step fashion. In its most updated version when you share your case presentations and surgical videos with Uro-tube, after they are quickly evaluated by the group of editors, it will be ensured that they be rapidly shared with all our doctors. 

Up to now, 1300 members uploaded 101 videos to the system and 41 videos are being prepared for upload. Through the agreement renewed in 2015, you will have the opportunity of watching many interesting videos in the upcoming period through the joint work of Pfizer firm and the web site of the Society of Urological Surgery.




Urogüncel which is published twice a year is prepared for publication diligently by the group of editors. We desire to be a society which ensures exchange of scientific knowledge and becomes a pioneer for the protection of professional reputation through our publications. Making high-standard publications by sharing our academic experience and knowledge and informing you on our meetings which are highly-participated is among our main principles.

 Through Urogüncel, we aimed to achieve the objective of communicating and uniting with members of our society and other colleagues.  Through this electronic bulletin, developments with regard to the health system in our country were handled and the relevant videos and content were shared through regional meetings. We think that Urogüncel whose editors are Kamil Çam and Ender Özden will be used more actively.




Another work which is maybe the most benefited one by our colleagues and for which we have received very good feedback has become 'Update Series'. The Update Series are issued 4 times a year with the efforts of the editors of issues and authors under the editorship of Rasin Özyavuz. You can have online access to the journal and follow it through our web site.  Up to now, 8 issues have been published and have received great interest especially from our young colleagues.




The Desktop Reference Book which was published under the leadership of Serdar Tekgül and through which Kubilay İnci, Berk Burgu, Güven Aslan and Serkan Doğan worked as assistant editors and under the guidance of 39 chapter editors and with the intensive efforts of 140 authors was firstly put into use as a mobile application at the 1st congress. It is planned to update our book and distribute it to our members again in the summer of 2015. It will also be possible for you to have access to our book in pdf. format through our internet site.



One of our projects which have made us excited is our journal "Journal of Urological Surgery" which was first published at our 2nd National Congress.   Journal of Urological Surgery is listed in EBSCO, Turkish Reference Index and Medline Reference Index. Your reviews, original articles and case presentations are accepted for publication after peer-review. The journal is planned to be published as 4 issues per year in English. Up to now, 2 issues have been published.


You can have access to our 2 issues by clicking on .


Ferruh Zorlu


Associate Editors

Rasin Özyavuz

Özgür Yaycıoğlu

Bulent Akdoğan


Assistant Editors

Pediatric Urology

Bülent Önal


Functional Urology

İlker Şen



Güven Aslan


Emre Bakırcıoğlu


Transplantation and vascular surgery

Yarkın Kamil Yakupoğlu


Yakup Kordan


General Urology

Ömer Demir


Reconstructive Urology

Oktay Demirkesen


Basic science

Fehmi Narter




Educative documents have been prepared not only for our colleagues, but also for patients and the relatives of patients. One of them is the 'Society of Urological Surgery - patient information booklet'. In this booklet whose editors are Bülent Akdoğan, Erim Erdem and Yılören Tanıdır, information has been presented in a clear language which is understandable by public with regard to urological anatomy, the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in adult and pediatric groups. 27 colleagues have contributed to the creation of this work. 




Our website in the address of has been at the service of our members since the last quarter of 2010. The services of our web site have been continuously renewed and developed during the tenure of our board.;


Through our web site,


  The scientific program, place and dates of national and international meetings can be accessed.

  All announcement made by our society can be accessed.

  All our members who fail to be present at the meeting hall can follow the meeting from our web site.

  The number of members of all our branches can be viewed from our site.

  All issues of our publications which are printed (ürogüncel, update series, urobulletin, journal) can be accessed in pdf format.

  They can view the Urology Desktop Book in the event that they become a member of the society.

  They can share their surgical videos on Urotube and have the opportunity of watching the videos that are shared.




While the number of our members was 980 in 2011, it has reached to 1225 now.




As a society, one of our most important international attempts is to ensure that our willing members are made full members to EAU. As a result of talks with the management of EAU, 296 colleagues from our country have become full members of EAU in return for a small fee. Thus, they have obtained the opportunity of registering in congresses with a discount and of having online access to materials.  Besides, an important achievement has been fulfilled with regard to the representation of our country before EAU.




One of the other international attempts of our society is the fact that 50 people have obtained full membership to SIU. Thus, they have obtained the opportunity of registering in congresses with a discount and of having online access to materials.  



In order to support our members with regard to their legal problems and to ensure that their legal interests are protected in all kinds of legal matters which are related to our members, our Society signed an agreement with Attorney-at-law Abdullah Hızal in 2014.  Up to now, legal support has been provided for more than 25 of our members.




Our expert panel which was created as of November 2014 is composed of a total of 17 members under the presidency of Fehmi Narter. Since November, legal opinion has been provided on legal matters in relation to our 2 members.


Information relation to the list of our Expert Panel is presented below.

Fehmi Narter

Levent Türkeri

Adil Esen

Nihat Satar

Ahmet Erözenci

Selçuk Keskin

Hayrettin Şahin

Ali Ferruh Akay

Şahin Kabay

Fatih Çanaklı

Avni Ziyan

Nurşen Atasoy

Mustafa Metin

Hikmet Elmas

Aydın Özgül

İbrahim Buldu

Canan Burçin Özeren




In the harmonization process of the Society of Urological Surgery - Turkish Society of Urology and Competency Boards, a joint competency board was created.


 Aim of the board: is to ensure that EBU examinations are held in Turkey.


Executive Committee :

President : Dr. Yaşar Özgök

Secretary General :Dr. Ender Özden 

Members :  Dr. Levent Türkeri 

                Dr. Şaban Sarıkaya 

                Dr. Sinan Sözen 

                Dr. Ramazan Aşcı

                Dr. Mut Şafak

                Dr. Haluk Erol




You can have the opportunity of watching the web cast of meetings at which you have failed to participate and would like to watch again by logging into the site of our society.




According to the Law on Societies numbered 5253, societies can establish and operate economic enterprises in order to achieve their objectives. Today, the sources of income of societies who have borne important roles in many social fields can remain insufficient in terms of achieving their objectives. For this reason, societies can mostly provide the financial resources required for achieving their objectives due to these enterprises. Societies can provide resources for the objective specified in their regulations and also make significant contributions to both the economy of the country and employment by establishing and operating economic enterprises.


The economic enterprise of our society was established in July 2011 and became active as of February 2012. All financial transactions of the society have been executed within the enterprise. Currently, our society is employing a full-time secretary; besides, technical services are purchased in line with contracts.


Revenues of our society are composed of member subscription fees, donations and sponsorships.


Revenues from sponsorships and congress registration are deposited into the enterprise.




Since you assigned this honorable duty to us 24 months ago, we, as the Board, have worked in harmony and cooperation and with the concern of providing the best service and think that we have fulfilled most of the duties that we have intended to achieve. We submit our activity report which summarizes our activities in relation to this period for your opinion by repeating our kindest regards.


                                                                                                                   On behalf of the Board,



      Prof.Dr.Bülent Alıcı