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Individual Practical Training Program ( BİYPEP)


Society of Urological Surgery, School of Urology, Individualized On-the-Spot Training Program (BIYPEP)


The purpose of the program is to deliver compact and intensive practical training in a short period of time on any of the common surgical techniques in urology.

Conditions to Apply for Individualized On-the-Spot Training Program and Methodology:

On-site and one-on-one training on selected surgical techniques for small groups (3-5 participants).

Main facts about BYPEP:

·       There is one training coordinator but there may be several trainers in the course of the training.

·       The training coordinator and the headquarters are responsible for ensuring the training infrastructure and conditions.

·       The training is conducted in a center which provides Resident Training in Urology.

·       The number of participants may not exceed 5 people. The participants should be UAS members. 

·       The duration of training is one day. Except for a brief theoretical session of 1-2 hours, the whole training is practical. The surgical technique that is the subject matter of a given training session is delivered to the trainees by at least one trainer, but preferably more than one trainer, in order to diversify case experience.

·       The training is free of charge. Travel and accommodation costs are covered by the sponsor company. 

·       At the end of the training, the trainees complete the training evaluation form prepared by AUS School of Urology (SU)

The training schedule is posted on AUS website. Applications are registered by AUS SU and communicated to the respective center.